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Products and their benefits


            We offer our clients trustworthiness through a laboratory control system, which analyses the physicochemical parameters of a sample from the used lubricant, in order to assess its situation. The final evaluation report is sent to the client within a few days. In this way you truly save time for the scheduling of your vehicle’s repair, prevent mechanical faults and shorten the time required for repairs, all in all maximising the re-lubrication intervals.


             The lubricants of our company accompany you on your every trip with quality and trustworthiness, providing excellent quality and high performance for every type of motor, approved by the largest manufacturers and meeting even the strictest of specifications.


             We offer dozens of high-performance lubricants for vehicles and industries. Throughout the last 40 years our products reach our clients, and their motors. In every stage of the transaction, we form strong and unbreakable bonds. Bonds that cannot be corroded, do not lose their value, and do not degrade, just like our products.


            Our company is ecologically sensitive, technologically innovative, and possesses up to date online information and research know-how; but most important of all, to us, are the unbreakable bonds with our clients.

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