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Company history


        Our company, founded by Dimitrios Katiou, ventured into the lubricant business in 1972. Starting from Salpi, Rhodope, we sold lubricants from BP & Duckhams in the counties of Rhodhope and Xanthi; since 1981, following the business’ success in this sector, the central store and headquarters were moved to Komotini in 1981. In 2001, ownership was passed onto Paschalis Katiou.

        The company evolved from a small local business to a dynamic firm, leading the lubricant market of the East Macedonia and Thrace geographical region, as well as the regional unit of Serres and Limnos. Since 2005, the company is housed in a modern privately owned 36-acre land with an interior space of 1000 sq. meters, fully following the rules of storage, transport and safety of the products.

        The company employs specialised technical personnel, a large fleet of passenger cars and trucks, all of which serve over 800 wholesale clients and needs of over 600 metric tons of lubricants per year.

        The company is also a strategic partner of TOTAL Hellas SA which produces the TOTAL ELF series of lubricants, an official partner of LPC SA which produces the CYCLON and VALVOLINE brands of lubricants.

Since 2011 the company is an official importer of batteries for cars, trucks, agricultural and earth moving machinery, made by FIAMM and ECLIPSE, for northern Greece.

         Our clients also include gas stations, car, motorcycle and agricultural machinery workshops, quarries, maritime companies, dealerships, industrial companies, technical companies and car electricians, whose needs we cover fully and immediately. Experience, dedication, expertise, security, pioneering trade policy, contemporary entrepreneurial deontology and extensive use of new technology are just some of our company’s benefits.

         Throughout the 48 years of operation, our company has stood out in the Greek market. The combination of new technology lubricants, collaboration with many clients, and our high-quality services helped us reach the top of the industry.

Our constant effort, training and adaptation to new challenges as well as our professional technical brilliance contributed the establishment the company’s leading position in the market, today.

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