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Our values

Top performance
          The prestige of our products add value to your business. We set our own standards for performance and commit to realising our obligations towards the client and to improve our performance in order to provide them with more benefits. Based on these values is our commitment to co-operate with our clients and to achieve mutual gains, which has and continues to play a fundamental role in our success.


           Our company never rests. A company with dynamic leadership, seeking constantly for new clients and better ways to work with them.

           We are innovative and behave this way in order to have the advantage of fast development, new ideas and know-how.

          We have a social responsibility and concern for the environment. Characterised by our ecological consciousness, we realise the demands of our clients.

Technological superiority
          Our commitment for constant promotion of advanced lubricants keeps both us and our clients at the top of the competition.

          The secret of our success is teamwork. Working alongside our clients, we win alongside our clients. Our success allows us to learn from our mistakes and to constantly seek ways to overcome compromise.

We represent
          It is important to be responsible and ethical in everything we do. As a company we want to be competitive, progressive and a positive force in the wider space of lubricants.

Reasons to prefer us
          In our company we work hard to ascertain that our products and services respond to the needs of our clients. Reasons to prefer us are that our products are trustworthy, have the best quality, and worth their purchase price, and technologically advanced, specialised, recommended by experts, recognised, established, widely available, offer protection to the environment and encourage recycling.

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